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Why Choose Our Company?

We are the #1 tour operator to Tremblant Resort and Village in Quebec, Canada since the early 1980's. Ski Travel Unlimited has taken over 100,000 students on our trip events.  No other company has organized ski/snowboard trips to Canada for as many years, nor for as many students as Ski Travel!  We are #1 to Tremblant!

Because we bring more students to Tremblant, we have the best slopeside lodging, and exclusive events and parties for our customers.

Tremblant's ski and snowboard conditions and surrounding village offer an adventure and experience that have earned it a reputation as the premier winter vacation destination in the East (Ski Magazine, 1998-2015)

Students from over 400 different colleges and universities, 40 states and 22 different countries have attended our intercollegiate ski weeks. University ski clubs, fraternities, sororities, and other students who enjoy a little skiing, snowboarding, and partying all in one come back year after year for their Winter and Spring Breaks.